Many who use this site are familiar with a Bible study on the Coming of the Kingdom of God. This study was problematic both doctrinally and theologically for a few reasons, but many really liked using it (including myself).  I was asked to produce an updated version of the study, minus its theological errors. Here is my best effort.

Dr. John Oakes    The Coming of the Kingdom of God


The Coming of the Kingdom of God

Goal: To show the close link between the New and Old Testaments and to create a kingdom mindset.
Question: What is the Kingdom of God?
David Lipscomb: The Kingdom of God embraces everything and every person in the universe over which God rules as king.
Examples: Nature, Garden of Eden, Israel, the Church, individual disciples. Heaven.

I. Old Testament Prophecies of the Kingdom:

A. Isaiah 2:1-4  1. The kingdom (mountain) will be “chief among the mountains.” 2. It will happen in the “last days.” 3. All nations will stream into the kingdom. 4. Word of the kingdom will go out, beginning in Jerusalem. 5. There will be peace between the nations.

B. Daniel 2:25-45 1. The four parts of the statue are Babylon, Media/Persia, Greece and Rome (see John Oakes, Daniel, Prophet to the Nations 2. In the time of the Roman kings, another mountain/kingdom will arise and will crush all the other kingdoms. 3. This fifth kingdom is the Kingdom of God. It will endure forever.

C. Daniel 7:1-27 1. v. 17. The four beasts here are the same four kingdoms of Daniel 2. 2. v. 25. The fourth, terrible beast, Rome, will persecute the saints. 3. v. 18, 27. The saints of the Most High God will receive the Kingdom of God and will possess it forever and ever.

II. The New Testament and the Kingdom.

A: John the Baptist: 1. Matthew 3:1-2 The Kingdom of God is “at hand.” The kingdom came when Jesus began his ministry.

B. Jesus 1. Matthew 4:17 The Kingdom of God is “at hand.” Those who repent become part of the Kingdom of God. 2. Mark 9:1 a. Some of those present would live to see the Kingdom of God come. b. It will come with power. 3. John 3:3-5 The Kingdom of God is entered by water and the Spirit. 4. Matthew 16:16-19 Peter will be given the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.*
5. Acts 1:3-4 a. The principle subject Jesus expounded on was the Kingdom of God. b. Wait in Jerusalem to receive the promised gift of the Holy Spirit.

III. Pentecost: The Kingdom of God Comes With Power

Many of the Old Testament and New Testament kingdom prophecies were fulfilled at Pentecost.

A. Acts 2:1-21 1. Beginning in Jerusalem 2. v. 2-3 Came with power (tongues of fire, wind, tongues) 3. v. 9-11 All nations 4. v. 17 In the last days 5. Some will not taste death (Judas’ death mentioned in Acts 1)

B. Acts 2:36-41 1. Born of water. Baptism v. 28 2. Born of Spirit. Receive Holy Spirit v. 28 3. Peter is given the keys to the kingdom—the first to publicly preach salvation.

IV. Kingdom Attitude.

Those who are baptized into Christ enter as citizens into the Kingdom of God. How should subjects of the kingdom lead their lives? The Church is a colonial outpost of the Kingdom of God. We are therefore ambassadors of the kingdom to the world.

A. Acts 2:42-47 Citizens of the Kingdom of God are devoted to; 1. Biblical teaching 2. Fellowship 3. Worship 4. Prayer

B. Matthew 5-7 The Sermon on the Mount. Jesus preaches about the kingdom. 1. Matthew 5:3-12 Kingdom ethics. 2. Matthew 6:19-21 Put your treasures in heaven—the perfect kingdom 3. Matthew 6:33 Seek the kingdom first. Live with God as your king and seek the things of the kingdom.

C. 2 Corinthians 5:17-20 We are ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, given the ministry of reconciliation.

* The Kingdom of God in Mark, Luke and John is referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew out of sensitivity to Jewish sensibilities.

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