Announcement:  ARS will be sponsoring a two-part 10-hour class on the role of prophecy in Christian Apologetics September 6 and 13, 2008 in San Diego, California.

Announcement:   Two-Part class to be offered Sat. September 6th and 13th:  The Role of Prophecy in Christian Apologetics


The board of ARS is excited to announce that we will be offering a certificate in Christian Apologetics, which will include eight classes in total.  The classes will be offered by DVD.  In order to created the DVDs, each class will be offered live once by the teacher of the class. 

Dates offered

The live class will be offered in San Diego 9:00-3:00 September 6th and 13th, 2008. 


The location is at the Villa Portofino Clubhouse 10690 Escobar Drive San Diego, CA 92124

Topics to be covered include:

Biblical Prophecy and its Role in Christian Apologetics

Messianic Prophecy,

Prophecies of the Kingdom of God,

Old Testament prophecies and Types,

Foreshadows and Prefigures. 

Credit requirments

In order to receive credit for the class, there will be assigned readings and a paper to be submitted.  Students who want to simply audit the class are invited to participate.


The cost of the two-part series is $30 per student.  If you can only make one session, the cost will be $20.  Lunch is included. 

Required readings in order to receive credit:

From Shadow to Reality, by John M. Oakes

Reasons for Belief, by John M. Oakes  Chapters 4 and 5

Optional reading: Daniel, Prophet to the Nations, by John M. Oakes

All books are available at or by contacting Jan Oakes (see below) 

To register,

contact Jan Oakes at 858-505-8841 or at

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