Were Adam and Eve neanderthals or modern humans?


Adam and Eve were humans. Whether or not neanderthal are humans is
debatable, but Adam and Eve were humans. Anthropoligists have failed to
prove Neanderthals were not humans. They had different physical features,
but we have every reason to believe they were humans and no reason not to
believe they were humans. What is a human? Does the biologist define
humanity? I think not. A human is a being who is a person. A human is a
being who has consciousness, a spirit and a soul. Biologists will never
be able to demonstrate one way or another whether Neanderthals were human
by this definition. As to whether Adam and Eve had Neanderthal-like
features, I cannot say. The Bible does not describe their physical
features. I believe in Adam and Eve because I believe the Bible. We
should not be intimidated by scientists into letting them define
humanness. All they can talk about is the flesh and the flesh does not
determine whether one can know God. On the other hand, let believers not
make statements which cannot be proven one way or another from the Bible.
We do not know when Adam and Eve lived and we do not know what they looked
like. We can assume that they looked similar to us, but that is about as
far as we can go.

So, whether Adam and Eve looked more like Neanderthals or modern Home
Sapiens, I am not sure. Were Neanderthals human? Or were Adam and Eve a
separate special creation? I do not know for sure.

John Oakes, PhD

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