What do you make of the multiple systems of equations that people have supposedly devised based on Bible study? What about the claim of the rapture on May 21st? With such a large book and the doctoring of scriptures over the years in translations from other languages do you see a valid mathematical principle in the bible, or is it just people reaching too far to find a literal mathematical method to the scriptures instead of simply taking and applying the lessons that the book teaches?


I think that these"systems" of equations are a lot of nonsense. They are, without exception, extremely speculative and almost without a doubt are not legitimate at all. Of course, I have not looked at every claim, so this is a broad brush statement, so you should take it for what it is worth. Such speculation is a distraction from what the Christian life is about, which is being transformed to become like Christ and helping others to be saved. The best thing to do with all these so-called numerical systems is to completely ignore them The gentleman who declared tomorrow to be the day of the rapture is a fool in my opinion. He claims to speak for God and his foolishness will be revealed for what it is tomorrow. He may be sincere. I do not know the man, but he certainly is not glorifying God with his speculations and public pronouncements. Jesus said, as recorded in Matthew 24, that no one knows the day or the hour. I agree with Jesus on this.

John Oakes

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