What are some good arguments to support this statement: Evolution needs to have an intelligent creator so it can work?


Normally I write out answers to all questions, but in this case I am going to do something different.  I am going to give you a list of resources you can use to answer your own question.  Here are some possibilities:
You can buy my book, Is There a God? at for an answer to this question.
Also, here is an essay on Four Christian Views of Evolution I have written which will be helpful. FourChristViewsEvolutionEssay
Here is a power point on evolution, with some design arguments I have used:  Evolution
Also, at you will find a debate that we sponsored titled Four Christian Views of Evolution.
There are a number of design arguments in this audio:
In addition I have some book recommendations:
The Language of God by Francis Collins.
Coming to Peace with Science by Darrel Falk
Another really helpful book is Signature in the Cell by Stephen Meyer.
To summarize, all the mechanisms of evolution, including the existence of DNA, of proteins and even life itself require both fantastic levels of design and supernatural creative events to get them started.  Although evolution is a natural process, it has supernatural design embedded in it at all levels and the process could not have begun without supernatural creation of life in the first place.  DNA contains a code.  Codes to not create themselves.  The code was self-obviously a created designed element.  There are many, many more aspects of design in the natural but designed process of evolution.
John Oakes


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