What are the main covenants in the Bible and how do they relate to each other?


The five covenants in the Bible that most Christians will recognize as such are the following:
The covenant with Noah Genesis 9
The covenant with Abraham Genesis 17  (or Gen 12, 15, 22)
The covenant with Moses and with Israel  Exodus 24
The covenant with David   2 Samuel 7
The New Covenant through Christ  Jeremiah 31:31f (alHebrews 8, 9)
Some consider what God said to Adam as a kind of covenant.  You can read Genesis 3 and decide if this appears to you to be a covenant. For what it is worth, I do not include this in my personal list of biblical covenants.
I will let you read these covenants and decide the differences for yourself.  The one which really sticks out from the five is the covenant with David  because it is quite specific.  It only applies to David and his direct descendants.  Christians see this as applying the Jesus, the Son of David. The covenants with Noah, Abraham and the New Covenant apply in at least some sense to all humanity.  The covenant with Moses is specific to the Israelites.
John Oakes

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