God says no one can come to me unless I call him.please could explain me what exactly are the meaning and the implication of this sentence, because on the other hand when one reads the Bible it appears clear that those who continue to live a sinful life will how should one know that God is calling him?
It would have helped me if you gave me which verse you are referring to.  Perhaps you are using Romans 8:30 or perhaps Hebrews 5:4 or John 6:44.  I did a word search and could not find a verse which said no one can come to God unless he is called by God.  Nevertheless, it is clear that noone can respond to the gospel of Jesus unless they hear the gospel.  God calls all men to repent (Luke 13:3).  I believe we are called by God when we hear the gospel preached.  God calls us in other ways, of course.  He calls us by disciplining us.  He calls us by putting things in our lives which remind us of him.  God calls us in many ways toward him.  I will assume that you have heard the gosple and probably have read the Bible at least some.  Therefore, I assume you have been "called" by God.  Many who are called by God do not respond to the message and are not saved (Matthew 13:18-23).  Others are called, respond and are saved but do not make it–they fall away (Hebrews 6:4-6).   I will confess I cannot give you an exact and definite definition of what it means for God to call us.  It may have more than one meaning, but I assume God calls us through his Word, the Bible and through the preaching of the message.
John Oakes
( on [06/16/08]:

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