I need to understand the verse when Jesus said He will be at the right side of God.


Because God is not a physical being, I take this statement metaphorically.   To be at the right hand means to be the chief support and second-in-command.    A prince sits as the right hand of a king.   A vice president sits at the right hand of a president.  God does not have a literal right hand, just like he does not have a literal nose or finger or heart (even though those things are used often in the scripture as metaphors).  So, when we read that Jesus is at the right hand of the Father it represents his submission to the Father, but at the same time his being equal to the Father.   I do not plan on literally seeing Jesus sitting on a literal chair immediately to the right of the Father sitting on another literal chair.  This is a theological, not a physical claim about the relationship between the Father and the Son.

John Oakes

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