Please, explain me, what does it mean "to pray to the Hole Spirit". Yesterday during the lecture about the Hole Spirit this phrase was said twise. I don’t understand how to pray to the Hole Spirit, and i never saw this in the Bible.


I am sure you pray to God the Father at times.  I am guessing that at times you pray to the Son–to Jesus.  I propose that you occasionally pray to the Holy Spirit.  Something like this:  Holy Spirit, thank you for dwelling in me.  Please help to keep me from sin today and please prompt me to speak to my friends about Jesus.

I do not know of a specific prayer to the Holy Spirit in the New Testament.  But then again, we do not really have many prayers actually written down after the book of Acts, so we do not have many examples of prayers in the New Testament. 

Anyway, if you are not comfortable with this idea, please feel free to not take my advice.  To be honest, I do not pray to the Holy Spirit all that often, but I do at times.  I do not think that this is a big deal, but I am simply making the suggestion.

John Oakes

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