I have studied the word Amen. What does it mean and what is the origin
of the word? I have read it in the Egyptwebsite that Amen is the ancient
name of their god Please Check if it is true.

The word amen simply means, so be it or I agree. The etymology of
the word goes all the way back to ancient Hebrew. It comes from the
Hebrew word aman, which means to strengthen or confirm. The word passed
from the Hebrew, to the Greek, to the Latin, into Old English. It has
carried religious connotations for a very long time

By coincidence, one of the gods of ancient Egyptian religion was
Amen-Ra, or Amen or Ra. During the time of Amenhotep, Amen-Ra was briefly
worshipped as the single god of Egypt. There is absolutely no connection
between the word amen and Egyptian religion. If anyone has tried to make
that connection and cast aspersions on the use of amen in Christian
worship, they are mistaken and ought to do better research before making
such a claim.

John Oakes

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