What evidence do we have that the stories on Christianity are real?

Unfortunately, this is a rather vague question. I will give a
fairly vague answer in response. If you have a more specific question in
mind, please send me another question.

I am not sure what you mean by “stories” in Christianity? Do
you mean, how sure can we be that the events recorded in the New Testament
actually happened? Do you mean, how sure can we be about the historical
events recorded in the Old Testament? Before giving a brief answer, I
will refer you to an article at this web site (click on the title)
History, Archaeology and the Bible. The answer to your question will
depend on the nature of the specific question. Let me supply a sort of
general answer. I would say that without question the Bible is the most
accurate book of history we have of the ancient world. The writers of
both the Old Testament and the New paid meticulous attention to details.
The histories in the Bible are more honest about both the victories and
the defeats of their heroes than their contemporaries; especially in Old
Testament times. The greatest historians of the ancient world, such as
Herodotus and Thucydides, were careful writers, but even they contain much
which could be considered as myth, legend and exaggerations. The Bible
has been subjected to more scrutiny, by far, than any other ancient book,
yet its accuracy as history has held up time and time again.

Having said that, in the end, one must take some of the
details in both the Old and New Testament on faith to some extent. For
example, in the Old Testament, when it reports a particular war or a
particular king, you would be quite safe in assuming that the war actually
happened and that that king actually lived. However, some particular
dialogue between David and one of his sons will obviously be not
confirmable by any other ancient source. One is left, at least to some
extent, to trust the writers to have some of these small details
accurate. In the end, despite the amazing proof of the historical
reliability of the Bible, one will always be left filling the rather large
gaps in the external proof by assuming that the Bible is, as it claims,
the Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16). Did Isaiah really say the prayer
recorded in such and such chapter? He said he did and it is in the Bible,
so I assume he did by faith.

So, I wish I could say that I can prove beyond a reasonable
that every single detail of every single story reported in the Bible is an
accurate account. I cannot make that claim. What I can say is that to
the extent the Biblical stories have been compared to reliable external
sources, it has proven itself to be the most reliable book of ancient
history we have. However, in the end, one is still left filling in the
gaps by assuming that, as claimed, the Bible is inspired by God. The
massive evidence in support of the claim for biblical inspiration makes
this leap of faith to not be a blind one.

Again, please feel free to send a more specific question.

John Oakes

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