What is some evidence that you believe proves Christianity ?


You cannot “prove” Christianity.   In fact, to be honest, I am not sure what it would even mean to “prove” Christianity, because you would have to define which aspect of the religion you specifically want  to try to prove.  In any case, you cannot “prove” Christianity. The best anyone can do is show, using the available evidence, that the most reasonable conclusion of a reasonable person is that the Bible is true and that Christianity is a correct explanation of reality.  Even if we try to support the conclusion that the Bible is “true,” this would include several aspects.  For example, we can try to establish that the Bible as history is accurate, that the Greek and Hebrew texts we have are reliable, or that the text is inspired by God. We cannot “prove” that heaven exists and we cannot even “prove” that God exists.  What we can do is show beyond a reasonable doubt that God exists and that Jesus is who he said he is.  This certainly can be done–to the extent that any reasonable person could not avoid the conclusion that Christianity is true.  Based on the evidence (some mentioned below), the conclusion that Jesus worked miracles and that he fulfilled prophecy is true beyond a reasonable doubt.  It would then follow that Jesus had authority when he spoke.  As he said (John 14:6), “I am the way the truth and the life.”  His works and his fulfillment of prophecy show that he has the right to make this claim.

As for specific evidence, let me please give you some advice to get you started.  At the risk of self-promotion ?, I strongly suggest that you get a copy of my book Reasons for Belief.  It is a concise but fairly comprehensive treatment of the reasons that a reasonable person would conclude that the Bible is inspired by God and that Christianity is true.   I also suggest another book, “Is There a God.”  Both are available at my publisher  There are many other books that can be helpful, such as Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis or the Case for Christ by Lee Strobel.

There is a wealth of information at my web site which will also be helpful.  I suggest you scan the power point section of the site.  There you will find power points, notes and perhaps also audios on subjects such as 1. The Resurrection.    2. Messianic Prophecy.   3. History, Archaeology and the Bible   4. Science and God.  5. The Bible: From God or Man?   Most of these are in the Apologetics section of the power points.   I also suggest a lesson titled  “What is Truth?” one titled “Evidence for Jesus  and one titled  “Answering the Hard Questions.”   If you have any trouble finding these articles, let me know.   Also, if you have any unresolved but more specific questions, do not hesitate to send me that question.

John Oakes

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