What is Splankna Therapy?  Is it valid and why can’t just anyone be trained in it?  Is there a fallout from it?  [Editor’s note:  We asked Dense MacKenzie, an expert in this therapy to provide an answer]


Splankna Therapy offers a Christian protocol for Energy Psychology developed from an integration of Neuro-Emotional technique, thought field therapy, EMDR and spiritual warfare.  It provides a straightforward, mechanistic treatment procedure for alleviating a wide range of spiritual, psychological and physical symptoms through both a healing and creative protocol.  It addresses symptoms comprehensively, attending to the root of the issue and it’s solution, in all three realms of our being; physical, emotional and spiritual.  It alleviates symptoms without “talking” about them much more quickly and effectively than talk therapy does.  I have worked as a therapist with many other techniques in addressing symptoms and treating trauma in my clients, and I can honestly say that this is the fastest and most gentle technique I know of.  There is little to no “fallout”, if what you mean by that is the after effects of therapy.  In fact there are no side effects, other than good ones, because the technique gets to the traumatic moment where you believed a lie, and replaces them with God’s truth.  Then, in prayer, you revoke the lie, vow or agreement, and replace it with the truth through affirmations from scripture that are usually assigned as homework.  If all of the lies we believed were conscious, we wouldn’t need the Splankna tools, we could just renounce them in prayer.  However many things we believe are not easily accessed, and these tools help us to get to these.  The person who put together the Splankna Techniques, Sarah Thiessen, did thorough research for many years to make sure that there were no “New Age” practices in the techniques.  They are not only effective, but they are biblically grounded.
You do not have to be a therapist to be trained in these techniques.  For information on the trainings, please go to the Splankna website at
Denice MacKenzie

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