I was wondering if you could provide me with a list of the New Testament
books in chronological order. I’m trying to prepare for an upcoming
discussion about the reliability of Bible texts so if you could point me
in any specific direction…that would be great

Do you mean chronological order of when they were written, or
chronological order of the events described in the books? Let me assume
that you mean date of authorship, which will make the answer a bit simpler.

A set of reasonable guess for dates of authorship are supplied
below. Please take these numbers with a large grain of salt. To give
context to these numbers would require a rather long essay–beyond the
usual length of an answer at this web site! I suggest you do your own
research. FF Bruce?s “The Documents and the Scrolls” is a good starting
place. A lot of useful information is available on line as well. Also,
there is a fairly good essay on the topic at this web site: A Remarkable
Collection The numbers given below would represent a reasonable consensus
of conservative scholars (ie those who accept that the Bible is inspired
by God)

James about AD 45

Matthew 45-60

Mark 55-70

Paul?s letters 54-64 Galatians, 1 Thessalonians earlier???
Philemon, 2 Timothy later etc.

Hebrews 65-68

1 & 2 Peter 65-67

Jude 67-73

Acts, Luke 67-75

John 70

1,2,3 John 80-90

Revelation 80-90

Again, these are only very approximate dates, some being more certain
because of the context, others being less certain.

John Oakes

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