I am a Christian, but I am tempted to let go of my faith.  My faith is based on fear (eternal damnation, hell, etc.).  I just want to know  any evidence of the authenticity of Christianity which is different from other religions.  Others also have their divine scriptures and revelations.  What makes Christianity different from the other beliefs?  I do believe that there is a higher being who made everything, but I do not know if He is the Christian God, or the God of other religions.  Please help me.

There is so much material on this at our web site, I hardly know where to begin.  Let me suggest a few of our power points and notes, as well as a couple of our audios in the "store."

My suggestion is to go back to the web site, click on power points, and begin looking at some of the presentations available there.  The ones I suggest are the ones titled Faith That Answers the Hard Questions, A Defense of Christian Theology, Apologetics and World Religions and Christianity and other World Views.   Also, if you go to the "store" at the web site there are a couple of audios I suggest. downloading the recording "Christianity and World Religions" in the other religions category as well as any or all of the audios in the world view section of the "store."   This should give you a lot to go on, but if you still have specific questions after that, please contact me again with a more specific question.

John Oakes

Power Point: Faith That Answers the Hard Questions
Power Point: A Defense of Christian Theology
Power Point: Four Christian Views of Evolution
Power Point and Notes Science: Christianity’s Long Lost Child
Power Point: Cuatro Perspectivas de la Evolucion
Apologetics and World Religions Class Notes and Power Point
Power Point: God and Science in Bahasa Indonesia
Ciencia y Los MIlagros de Jesus
Christian and Other World Views: A Power Point


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