Question: Greetings from your brother in SowetoSouth Africa. My brother, what scriptures do you use to help someone from the JW’s group to see the truth? I’ve read in Hebrews 1 to guide me and also the scripture in John 1. Thomas also calls Jesus, God It would seem that they have their own Bible, is this true? Answer: doc jehovahs_witness 66.00 Kb I am attaching a file which has quite a bit of info on the JWs, including scriptures to use to answer their main objections to orthodox Christianity. My personal experience is that with most JWs the tactic of dealing rationally with the scriptures is not effective.  They are rather thoroughly indoctrinated on an emotional level with a way of thinking which is more or less impervios to reasonable argument or even the use of very obvious scriptural arguments.  So, I urge you to try your best, but if you do not succeed remember that this is a difficult task.  As a rule, JWs must become disillusioned with the group on their own terms before they are “open” to biblical arguments. Yes, they have their own Bible.  I mention in the outline I am attaching several verses and how they abuse the orginal language in their translations.  In any place in the Bible where the deity of Jesus is obviously presented, they have produced an alternative translation which attempts to minimize the obvious implications.  This might help you to anticipate some of their arguments. John Oakes, PhD 

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