Dr. John Oakes is giving a series of three lessons on the general topic of who is Jesus for the Metro Region of the Los  Angeles International Church of Christ.  Notes, PPT and audio are included.  The first lesson, “Who is Jesus?” is about the claims of Jesus versus other world religious leaders and the evidence to support that Jesus is who he said he is.  Who is Jesus? PPT    Who is Jesus Audio   The second lesson is “Will the Real Jesus Please Stand up?”  In this lesson a number of false pictures of Jesus are presented, such as the Calvinist Jesus and the Prosperity Gospel Jesus, and a correct biblical picture of Jesus is presented.   Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up Notes    Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up PPT  Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up Audio  The third lesson is “Four Portraits, One Jesus +1”  This title is taken from Straus’ book of nearly the same name.  Here the Jesus of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Hebrews is described and explained.  The unique take of the five authors is delineated.    Four Portraits one Jesus Notes    Four Portraits one Jesus +1 PPT  Four Portraits One Jesus +1 Audio

















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