I was reading the question and your response to Mr. Atwill’s claim about Christianity. My question is, why are other religions not attacked like Christianity? Why don’t Mr.Atwill, and others like him, do the same to Buhdah, Muhammed,etc. To me, this proves even more the validity of Jesus and Christianity.


I am not in a position to judge the motives of others–especially people I have never met. I DEFINITELY agree that, as a whole, more energy is put into opposing Christian belief than any other belief system or ideology out there. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Confucianism, atheism, agnosticism, postmodernism, modernism, humanism, communism and any other thought system or world view is not criticized with nearly as much vigor or energy as is Christianity and the Christian world view.

One thought is that criticism will always be directed against the most commonly-held, popular view. This is a partial explanation. Men are criticized for their attitudes, as are white people, more than women and people of color because white men are in a position of power. So, to some extent this extra negative attention to Christianity–the most dominant religion in the world–is part of human nature.

Another thought is that Satan is behind the attacks on Christianity. He does not bother all that much to stir up opposition to other world views, religions, philosophies and perspectives, but has much energy to devote to the opposition to Christianity. I hesitate to call out individual critics of Christianity and publicly label them as servants of Satan–to claim that their opposition to Christianity is due to their allegiance to Satan. I feel that this is not my place, but in the broad picture, I do believe that many of those who oppose Christianity do so because, unaware, they are influenced by Satan.

Which is the case with Mr. Altwill? I will let him speak for himself or let you form your own opinion.

John Oakes


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