Do you believe that those who believe in theistic evolution will be pleasing to God on judgement day? Why are Christians turning to the world views and compromising the basics of God being the Creator? Is it appalling to any other Christian Leaders in the fellowship of ICOC that leaders are encouraging this type of misguided religion?


First of all, I do not label myself a theistic evolutionist.  Personally, I am cautious about labelling people.  I believe that Adam and Eve are special creations.  As for how much evolution has happened, I do not know and I believe the Bible does not answer this question either.  Science is in a better position to help us with this question.  Although I do not label myself a theistic evolutionist, I have no problem with people who fully accept this view.  Theistic evolutionists believe that God created the universe and God created life.  They certainly do not compromise with the teaching that God is the creator.  It is my opinion that, give that God created evolution as a way for creatures to adapt to changes in the environment, then we ought to give credit to God for this wonderful invention, just as much as we give him credit for creating life and the universe.  The Bible simply does not answer the question about how life changes, so this is a disputable matter.  As to leaders in the ICOC, in all my years I have never had any leader make an issue of this disputable matter.  Most of the leaders in this movement I have talked to believe that the earth is old, either that or they have not really thought about it much.  To be honest, I believe you are in some danger of being judgmental over this disputable matter.  How would you feel if someone who was convinced of theistic evolution accused you of having "misguided religion?"  These seem like fighting words and God is not pleased with Christians who argue over disputable matters such as how old the earth is or how much life has changed over time by evolution.

I hope my response is not too strong and that my answer is taken in the spirit it is given, which is in love.

John Oakes, PhD

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