This is in regards to your article about religious exemption for the vaccine. Is witchcraft allowed by God’s people? What is the Greek root words for pharmacy? I believe it’s pharmacopa which is basically witchcraft so I believe there are verses that support not taking it based on your faith. .. do you agree concurr or disagree?


I say definitely no.  How can a life-saving vaccine be witchcraft?  If this is so, then the vaccine that brought an end to smallpox is also witchcraft, as are the measles vaccine, and the polio vaccine.  These vaccines have saved many tens of millions of lives.  They are life-saving medicine, not witchcraft.  The Covid-19 vaccine has also saved hundreds of thousands of lives, if not already one million lives.  Every single study has shown the vaccine to be relatively safe and effective.  Vaccines stop infectious diseases and save lives.  Christians ought to support the use of vaccines because we care about human life.  If a Christian cares about the safety of others, then that believer ought to take the vaccines, as they help to save the lives of others.
What verse in the Bible says that taking a vaccine is witchcraft?  What witch was involved in the creating of the vaccine?  What practician of the magic arts was involved? What possible rational basis could be used to claim that taking a life-saving vaccine could be witchcraft?  Sorry, but I definitely do not see how this idea makes sense.  It is true that the Greek word translated as “witchcraft” in Galatians 5:19 is pharmaceo, from which we get the word pharmacy.  This passage can be used to call taking of mind-altering drugs sinful, but how can this passage be applied to a life-saving vaccine?  How on earth is a vaccine witchcraft?   No!  No! This makes no sense.  Like I said in the article, if a Bible passage can be used to demonstrate that it is sinful to take the vaccine, then the exemption is justified.  However, Galatians 5:19 definitely does not meet this standard.
John Oakes

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