Would an infallible God PREORDAIN to have to kill himself in order to appease himself? Would an all-powerful God somehow suffer from a communication problem which compels him to recruit some primitive Jews to write his biography?


I will have to say that your question seems like a reasonable one.  However, it is based on a couple of presuppositions with which I cannot agree.

First of all, you equate foreknowledge with predetermination.  God  exists outside time and space.  He knows what happens before it happens.  However, in his sovereign power he gives us the ability to choose to do his will or rebel against him.   Why does the universe exist?  Why do we exist?  The Bible says that the creation is good and that God created us so  that we can love him and he can love us.  The purpose of creation was love and the glory of God.   God did not preordain that we would rebel against him and sin, but he determined that we would be free.  Why? because he loves us and love gives freedom.  One literally cannot force another to love.  Our free will exists because God loves.  But you and I and all of us rebelled against God, bringing sin, suffering and separation.  God is love, but he is also holy.  His holiness requires that separation from God will happen when we sin.  Romans 6:23 says that "The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus.  The result of rebellion against God and refusing his love is separation.  I will have to admit that God’s plan to solve this problem is not something I would have thought of.  Like Paul says in Romans chapter 3 that through faith in the blood of Jesus, God is both just and the justifier of those who put their faith in Jesus. 

It is not that God preordained our rebellion and that Jesus would die for our sin.  God preordained that all would have eternal life with him, we rebelled and rejected that offer, and God provided a solution by dying for us.  Is this completely logical?  I say no, but God is not required to act according to human logic and reasoning, but in any case, your charge that God preordained to have to kill himself is not true, at least according to the Christian scripture.

God did not suffer so much from a communication problem, but from the "problem" that we sinned, rebelled against him and chose to reject his love.  God could have forced us to obey him and "forced" us to return his love, but remember that love literally cannot be forced.  God does not drop notes out of the sky or work billions of miracles to force us to put our faith him.  Instead, he works more sublty and appeals to our hearts through his scripture, through revealing his will through prophets and, most importantly, through coming in the form of his son.  When Jesus came, like John says, God dwelt for a while among us.  But God prepared the way for this coming.  He chose Abraham, a man  of great faith, through whom to create a people, to whom to send prophets, to create a covenant agreement, all designed to prepare the way for the Messia to come into the world.  This was not a failure to communicate, but great mercy and patience.  God does not force us to believe.  We are left with free will.  God chose a humble person and a humble people through whom to send the Messiah.   That was his plan, but you are incorrect if you assume that God is a poor communicator.  The question is whether we are listening.

You may find fault in God for choosing the Jews, but I, for one, will not criticize God.  I am thankful that he prepared a covenant, a people, prophecies and the right time and place to send his Son.  A stable and peaceful Rome, with the common Greek language and an unprecedented system of roads, in Palestine, at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia….   It seems to me that God chose the perfect time and place.  I cannot thing of a better place and time.  If you want to criticize God for his choices, that is your priveledge, but I see great love, patience, mercy, wisdom and power in God’s plan.

John Oakes

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