Would intelligent, reasonable and scientific questions about the Bible’s
comparative words cause Christians to struggle?

I would say absolutely not!! My experience, having asked many
hard questions of the Bible for twenty-five years, is that the Bible will
stand up to any kind of question. Those who have the courage to ask the
hard questions and the patience and intellectual honesty to pursue the
truth about these questions will always have their faith increased. Some
followers of Jesus tend to discourage others from asking hard questions
and seeking the answers to these questions. I would say that anyone who
has a faith which they are unwilling to examine must certainly have a very
weak faith.

The Bible will hold up to any possible point of attack. It is
word-for-word, front-to-back, book-by-book, the inspired word of God.
That is easy for me to say, but I would encourage you to begin to ask
those hard questions. A lot of them are found at this web site, along
with my attempts to answer them. You might want to start there. I would
encourage you to keep a personal list of those questions you have not
found reasonable answers for. At first, this list will grow. However,
with time, as you honestly seek answers to these questions about the
Bible, you will find the list get shorter. Do not settle for easy
answers. Listen to the critics of the Bible as well. The Bible itself
encourages disciples of Jesus to question what they hear. Acts 17:11 is
an example of followers being encouraged to question what they hear in
order to be sure if it is indeed from God. 1 Peter 3:15 encourages
Christians to prepare themselves to answer the questions that others will
ask about their faith. Presumably these will be the same questions we
will ask ourselves when we honestly question what we believe and why we
believe it.

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