Are there modern-day Christian prophets?  (Editor’s note: This question is a response to another Q & A posted earlier at the site)

I disagree with your statement that there are no modern day prophets in these last days, not only that but scripture has been used out of context especially in your sentence “Like Paul said in 1 Cor 13, where there is prophecy, it will cease.” Please read the entire chapter, and you will see that Paul was really talking about gifts, mostly about the great gift which is love.  I have known several modern day prophets personally,  one being my best friend for over 20 years.  I been a Christian for 36 years, and I have seen miracle after miracle by the Lord’s healing. This is not my first trip around the block either.


I do agree that you make one good point here. It is a rather big stretch of the context of 1 Corinthians 13 to “prove” that prophecy has ceased from that passage.   I think that, given the passage is about gifts (which you agree) it is a possible application of the verse to conclude that he is saying prophecy will, in fact, cease, but it is not a good proof-text.  Of course, I do not argue that inspired prophecy has ceased simply based on that passage, but on a number of other passages, plus reasonable deduction from other clearly-understood Bible truths(Hebrews 2:4, Zechariah 13:1-6. Acts 8:14-17, and the fact that, in scripture gifts were only given by apostolic laying on of hands for example) . However, your criticism of my use of this passage is well taken.

Having said that, I would need a biblical argument to counteract my biblical argument that inspired prophecy has ceased (see above). To me, personal experience is not a reliable instrument to discovering biblical truth. I do not deny your experience. I certainly would not deny that you sincerely believe that your experience is real, but these arguments do not convince me personally. Experience is not a reliable guide to truth. I need a biblical argument, not an experiential/anecdotal argument, which is very subjective. I know that many have claimed to be prophets who certainly are NOT prophets, such as Joseph Smith, Ellen G. White and many others like this. Many were convinced that they were prophets and they certainly were not. So, I do not know if you have a biblical argument for your claim, or any objective proof that your friend is indeed inspired by God. I respect your sincere experience, but unless I have more information, I do not plan on changing my view on this question. Please feel free to respond (and please do not take my argument as disrespecting your belief or the sincerity of your belief).

Respectfully,  John Oakes

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