The 2010 ICEC will be at Concordia University, Irvine, CA June 11-13.  Science and Christian Evidences. 

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We at Apologetics Research Society are excited to announce our fourth annual Christian Evidences Conference.
This event will bring together scientists, scholars, teachers and Christians from around the world to share ideas and to hear inspiring messages.  The event is for anyone who is interested in using Christian evidences as a way to build up their own faith, the faith of those in their churches and to reach out to unbelievers.  The conference will include classes by experts in different fields of apologetics, discussion groups, forums and evangelistic events on Friday evening and Sunday. 

Presenters include  John Clayton, Dr. Douglas Jacoby, Director, Athens Institute of Ministry, Atlanta, GA; Dr. John Oakes, Professor of Chemistry, Grossmont College, San Diego, CA, Dr. Denis Lamoureux, Professor of Science and Religion, St. Joseph’s College, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Dr. John Beggs, Professor of Physics, Indiana University and more.

Classes on The Problem of Suffering, God and Cosmology, Archeology and the Bible, Neuroscience and God, Defense of Christian Theology, and many others.  The classes will begin on Friday and Saturday mornings at 9am, and will be held at  Concordia.  Registration will begin at 8am. 

Evangelistic Event will be on Friday night at 7:30pm.  The speaker will be John Clayton.  The topic will be "Why I Left Athiesm."

Public forum will be held on Saturday night, at 7 pm. It will be a four-way forum on Evolution and Christianity.  The four positions will Evolutionary Creationism (Dr. Denis Lamoureux), Progressive Creation (Dr. John Oakes), Intelligent Design (John Clayton) and Young Earth Creationism (Dr. Kevin Anderson). 

Worship on Sunday morning we will sponsor Christian Apologetics-focused services at various locations in the LA area.

Housing and Meals at Concordia University Housing,

Cost:  $125 ($99 for students)

Saturday evening forum:  $12 ($10 for students)



2010 International Christian Evidences Conference

Science and Christianity

June 11 – 13

Schedule of Classes and Events

Thursday 6/10

4:00 -11:00 pm          Check into Concordia University Housing Lambda Suites

Friday 6/11

8:00 am                      Registration/Check in:  Concordia University Library Arts Building, Room 123

9:00 am                      Welcome Library Arts Building, Room 123

9:30 – 12:15 pm      Morning Classes

9:30-10:45   John Clayton.  Why Did God Create Man and Why Is There Suffering.


William Golightly  God and Cosmology

Bob Kurka  Science: Christianity’s Long Lost Child

John Beggs  A Defense of the Soul From a Practicing Neuroscientist

 12:30 -1:30 pm        Lunch/Round Table Discussions

Concordia University Dining Hall

1:45 – 4:00 pm          Afternoon Classes and Forum

John Oakes  A Defense of Christian Theology

Foster Stanback Adam and Human Evolution

Denis Lamoureux  No Title Yet

Friday night

7:30 pm                 Why I Left Atheism by John Clayton

                                    Orange County Church of Christ

Saturday 6/12

8:00 am                      Registration/ Check in: Concordia University Library Arts Building, Room 123

8:45 am                      Welcome:  Library Arts Building, Room 123

9:15 – 12:00 pm        Morning Classes 

9:15-10:30   Douglas Jacoby  Plenary Session   The Urgency of Apologetics


John Clayton  On the Nature of God

John Oakes  A Defense of Christian Theology

12:00 -pm                  Lunch Break 

1:30 – 2:45 pm          Afternoon Classes 

Bob Kurka   Science: Christianity’s Long Lost Child

William Golightly   God and Cosmology

John Beggs   A Defense of the Soul From a Practicing Neuroscientist

Saturday night

7 pm                           Public Forum:     Four Christian Perspectives on Evolution

Kevin Anderson, PhD, John Clayton, Denis Lamoureux, PhD, John Oakes, PhD 

Orange County Church of Christ  10 Goodyear, Irvine, CA

Sunday 6/13

10:00 am                    Worship Service with Los Angeles Church of Christ, Long Beach Region

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