Hair rebonding is very epedemic in Filipinos as of this time…can that can be considered as vanity? 


I have no idea, as I do not even know what hair rebonding is.  Peter encouraged women, or more specifically wives, that their beauty should not consist chiefly of outward things and elaborate hairstyles or the wearing of gold ornament.  I do not believe that this some sort of rule or law for Christians that they cannot wear jewelry or have stylish hairstyles.  Instead it is a principle that women should not emphasize these things as the worldly people do, but should be more concerned with inner qualities such as humility, faith, kindness and love.  Not knowing what hair bonding is, I cannot comment on this practice, but I believe we should not be looking for rules about such things.  You should let individual women decide for themselves if they are putting too much attention or money to their looks.  I do not think we should have rules about exactly how much jewelry and exactly which hair style is worldly.  The creation of such a rule is not at all what Peter has in mind.  In fact, Paul said the creation of such rules does nothing to prevent sin (Colossians 2:20-23)

John Oakes

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