Barabbas, who is also called “Jesus Barabbas”, was crucified instead of Jesus of Nazareth due to confusion created by God.  What is your opinion?


My opinion is that this is one of the most far-fetched and outrageous proposals about Jesus I have ever heard about.  Jesus’ mother Mary was at the cross.  Jesus’ best friend John was at the cross.  Three women who were very close to Jesus had his body placed in the tomb. None of them would possibly have been mistaken about who it was.  The Roman soldiers were charged to kill Jesus, not Barrabas.  The idea that they would accidentally crucify the wrong person is crazy.  Both Christian and pagan historical sources say that Jesus was crucified.  This theory is nonsense.  No responsible person would propose this.  The only reason to propose this is that such a person is trying to destroy faith in Jesus Christ.  Probably the one who invented this far-fetched theory is a Muslim, as they try to make the unsupported and unsupportable claim that Jesus was not crucified.  There is an agenda behind this, and there is obviously no evidence for this whacky idea.
Why would God want to create a fake crucifixion?  How crazy is this proposal? Please give me a reason that the God of the universe would try to set up a fake crucifixion of the sinless miracle-worker Jesus.  To what level of illogic does this idea rise?  Another reason to reject this
John Oakes

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