Can a Christian eat pork? I eat it all the time but I know that in the
Old Testament it says you shouldn’t but in New Testament Christ says that
is OK as nothing makes you unclean exept that that comes out of your mouth
not in.

In Mark 7:17-19, as you allude to, Jesus declared all food clean. That is
good enough for me. Yes, a Christian can eat pork. If you are to drag
the prohibition against eating pork from the Law of Moses into Christian
teaching, then you will have to drag all the hundreds of other laws in as
well, as how can you distinguish one from another? In Colossians 2:13-23,
Paul declares with great clarity and finality that the Law was nailed to
the cross when Jesus was crucified. We are no longer bound by the Law of
Moses. If an individual Christian chooses not to eat pork, fine, but that
is a personal decision.

John Oakes

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