Class taught by Dr. John Oakes at the Mission Center of Hope, San Diego Feb 26, March 5, 2011.    doc Notes: Answering the Hard Questions       ppt Power Point: Answering the Hard Questions 13.69 Mb  Topics include the Trinity, Foreknowledge vs Predestination, The Question of Evil, The Problem of Pain, Violence, Slavery and  other difficult questions from the OT and The Problem of Hell and Judgment.

Christian Apologetics: Answering the Hard Questions

The hardest questions for the Christian to answer, generally, are not about evidence, per se, but are about theological difficulties.  The purpose of this class is to discuss reasonable responses to such questions.  

This is class #9 in our ten class series on Christian Apologetics, leading to a Certificate in Christian Apologetics.  The cost of the class is $40.  The class will be at the Mission Center of Hope 6162 Mission Gorge Rd. Suite A San Diego, CA.

Schedule: 8:30-3:00 both Saturdays.

Class Outline:

I. The Trinity

II. The Question of Evil

III. The Problem of Suffering

IV. The Problem of Violence in the Old Testament

V. The Bible and Slavery

VI. The Question of Justice and the Problem of Hell.

Required Reading:  1.The Problem of Suffering by C. S. Lewis.  Harper One.

2. The Problem of Pain and Suffering:  An Essay by John Oakes, available at

Extra Credit Reading

1. “Life in the Son”  Robert Shank  Bethany House Publishers.

2.  “Troubling Questions for Calvinists”  F. Lagard Smith  Cotswold Publishing.

Other extra credit reading will be accepted upon request.

To register or for more information, contact Jan Oakes at or 858-505-8841.

Cost : $40 ($20 if you can only make one day)

Location:  Mission Center of HOPE  6162 Mission Gorge Rd. Suite A San Diego, CA.

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