Dr. John Oakes and Robert Carrillo have published a book on the Book of Hebrews, Hebrews: Living By Faith.  They are teaching an eight hour class on Hebrews for the Los Angeles International Church of Christ Bible School eight consecutive Saturdays at 9:00 Pacific Time.  The class will be on zoom at  843 0420 3186  pw LAICC.  We will be posting notes, Power Points and the audio of Dr. Oakes’ lessons here.  See you Saturday.  Hebrews PPT Oakes    Hebrews Notes Oakes    Hebrews Audio I   (sorry but we lost the first 12 minutes)   Hebrews Audio II-A     Hebrews Audio II-B    Hebrews LA Audio IV    Hebrews V Audio    Hebrews LA VI    Hebrews Audio VII

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