Could you please give me some black/white, concrete, and clear evidence
that proves The Koran to be false? I have been reading a researching
myself, but whenever I find something that I can say, “ha! I’ve got it.
This proves The Koran is false and not the word of God,” I then find
someone who can point out how I am not correct or I just read it wrong. I
still feel that I am correct, but their information at the very least gets
me confused again. Anything you could say or information you could point
me to would be a blessing.

First, I assume what you mean is that you want evidence to
support the claim that the Koran is not the Word of God. I do not believe
I can prove the Koran is “false.” I am not sure what it would mean for it
to be false. The question is whether it is, as Muslims claim, the
revelation of God. There is a power point presentation at the web site
which deals with this question. Click on Power Point on Islam and the
notes associated with it, Notes on Islam. There are a few principle
reasons I can point to which prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the
Koran is not the Word of God. These are;

1. Historical inaccuracies.

2. Scientific inaccuracies.

3. Theological contradictions with the Bible which I already know, from
the evidence, is inspired by God.

Historical Inaccuracies:

There are a number of examples in the Koran in which it
provides details about both Old Testament and New Testament stories which
are in unambiguous contradiction with the events recorded in the Bible.
For example, the Koran states very clearly that Jesus was not crucified in
Jerusalem. If he were, this would contradict both clear statements in the
Bible and the theology of the Koran about its prophets. If I had to
decide which I trust–the eye-witness accounts of the death of Jesus in
the New Testament, or the Koran, which was written six hundred years later
by a person who knew very little of Jesus–I would obviously trust the New
Testament. There are a number of historical references to Old Testament
characters in the Koran as well. Many of these are obviously wrong, as it
is not credible that the Jews would get their own history wrong, but the
Koran would have it right. For example, Surah 37:102 has Ishmael and
Isaac reversed in their role. Surah 20:120 has only one tree in the
Garden of Eden, not two. Surah 3:41 has Zechariah, the father of John the
Baptist, being silent for three days (rather than nine months, as recorded
in the New Testament). Surah 2:249 has the stories of Gideon and Saul
confused. Surah 3:49, 5:110 and 19:30 has Jesus working miracles while a
baby. It seems that Muhammad had more access to the apocryphal gospel of
Thomas than the New Testament, which would explain his mistakes about

Scientific errors:

Unlike the Bible, which has no scientific errors (see my book
Is There a God?), there are many blatant scientific errors in the Koran.
For example, Surah 21:33 clearly states that the sun and stars orbit the
earth. Surah 12 mentions eleven planets. Surah 34:9 has a piece of the
sky falling and killing someone!!!. Surah 18:86 has the sun setting into
a muddy marsh. Surah 34:11 has David wearing an iron coat of mail
hundreds of years before such a thing was invented. The inspired word of
God would not have such errors!

Theological errors:

The following list is only evidence that the Koran is not
inspired if one has already accepted the voluminous evidence that the
Bible is inspired. Two books inspired by the same God cannot possibly
contradict in absolutely fundamental theology. The Koran teaches that we
are saved by our obedience to Allah, not by the grace of Jesus Christ.
The Koran teaches that salvation is definitely not the gift of God through
the saving sacrifice of Jesus. The Koran strongly teaches
fate/predestination. The Koran teaches that the prophets never sinned–in
clear contradiction to the Old Testament testimony. One could continue
almost indefinitely to show that it is impossible for both the Bible and
the Koran to be inspired by God. To be honest, this third section will
not be convincing to a Muslim unless they have already been exposed to the
clear evidence that the Bible is inspired by God. I suggest you give a
copy of my book, Reasons for Belief to your Islamic friends.

Further reasons to not accept the Koran as inspired by God
comes from the character of the man who wrote it. Muhammad massacred
several hundred Jews in Medina because they opposed his political control
of the city. Muhammad was a professional desert pirate–often violently
attacking and stealing from the caravans of his rivals. Muhammad had at
least eleven wives. It is difficult to conceive of the supposedly
greatest prophet ever being a mass murderer and a polygamist. To compare
Muhammad to Jesus Christ is blasphemy of the highest order.

John Oakes

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