What is the deity of Christ ?

The “deity of Christ” refers to the New Testament teaching
that Jesus Christ is God. Almost all those who would call themselves
Christians would accept this most basic of all Bible teachings. The most
significant exception is the Jehovah’s Witness denomination. Thanks to
the teaching of their founder, Charles Russell and the second leader of
the JW’s, “Judge” Rutherford, this religious group claims that Jesus is
the highest of all angels–that he was the first creation of God, but that
he definitely is not God/deity.

Does the New Testament teach that Jesus is deity? Absolutely
yes! Many passages confirm this most basic doctrine. One could mention
Colossians 2:9 which states that in Christ, the fullness of deity dwelled
in bodily form. One could also mention Titus 2:13 which mentions “our
great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.” Of course, John 1:1f, which
describes Jesus as the Word, stating that the Word was both with God and
was God at the same time. Dozens of other passages could be used to show
the fact that the New Testament describes Jesus as deity. In order to
support their false doctrine that Jesus is not deity, the Jehovah’s
Witness use their own Bible in which they alter more or less standard
translations from the Greek in order to create a Bible which they can use
to claim that Jesus is not deity. There is a Power Point on Jehovah’s
Witness at this web site. Click on Jehovah’s Witness PPoint.

John Oakes

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