Paul was baptized by Ananias, but did any of the Apostles lay their hands
on him to pass the out pouring gift of holy spirit? If not from whom did
he received the baptism of Holy Spirit?

You are asking me to speculate on something which is not
specifically stated in the New Testament–a thing which is always a bit
risky. However, from what we know in other situations, we can make a
reasonable guess.

First of all, there is no evidence that anyone ever laid their
hands on Paul in order for him to receive the miraculous gifts of the Holy
Spirit (although Ananias did touch him in order to heal his
blindness–this does not seem relevant to your specific question). It is
clear that Jesus chose Paul as an apostle in a special, in fact in a
unique way. Therefore, whatever we learn about Paul probably has no
practical application to anyone today, making the question more or less
academic. Clearly, not only did Paul have the miraculous gifts of the
Holy Spirit, he also had the ability to pass the gifts on to other by the
laying on of his hands. I know this because it is stated in 2 Timothy
1:6, where Paul reminds Timothy of the gift he received when Paul laid his
hands on him.

The best I can tell from the New Testament, the ability to
pass on the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit was limited to the
apostles. Evidence for this claim is found in Acts 8 when Phillip, who
had the miraculous gifts, had to send for an apostle so that the new
converts there could receive the gifts.

So, in order to speculate about the relationship between Paul
and the Holy Spirit, one should most likely look to the example of the
other apostles. How did they receive the Holy Spirit in a measure which
included the ability to pass on the miraculous gifts to others? The
apostles were given a special measure of the Holy Spirit, on the Day of
Pentecost, but more significantly when Jesus breathed on them, saying
“Receive the Holy Spirit.” (John 20:21,22). I will admit that I cannot
absolutely prove that this was when the apostles received the special
measure of the Spirit, allowing them to hand on gifts and so forth, but
that is how I personally understand this passage. I can only assume that
somehow, Jesus did something at least analogous for Paul. To me
personally, it is inconceivable that this was through the laying on of
hands of someone else. I assume that it was a direct gift of Jesus to

So, my answer to you is that in my opinion, Paul received the
full measure of the Holy Spirit by the direct work of Jesus Christ himself.

Please feel free to take all this with a grain of salt, as one
is left speculating somewhat on this question, but that is my best guess
based on the evidence that we have. Bear in mind, that this question, no
matter how interesting, is probably of no direct practical importance to
how an individual disciple of Jesus lives their life.

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