An orthodox Jew said that Jesus sinned by practicing human sacrifice which was forbidden. That is a good point however I was unable to give an answer to his point……Any suggestions?


Jesus did not take part in human sacrifice.  Jesus was against all kinds of killing, especially human sacrifice.  It is absolutely inconceivable that Jesus would have sanctioned any kind of human sacrifice.  I am assuming your friend is calling the death of Jesus himself a human sacrifice.  Jesus was not ritually sacrificed.  He was executed for claiming to be king of the Jews.  If the death of Jesus was a “human sacrifice,” then anyone who volunteers for the army and is killed is a human sacrifice.  The fact that Jesus willingly put his life on the line to save people does not make him a human sacrifice.  To live sacrificially or even to offer one’s life as a personal sacrifice to save others is not "human sacrifice."  Perhaps someone is charging God the Father with human sacrifice.  God did not kill Jesus.  It was the Roman soldiers who killed Jesus.  They certainly did not do so in order to make Jesus a human sacrifice.  If you study human sacrifice historically, there is not a single thing in common with the death of Jesus and the kinds of human sacrifices which were common at that time.  A human sacrifice is a situation in which a human being kills another human being with the purpose of appeasing a god.  This is not what happened with Jesus. This charge does not make sense.  That is my response. John Oakes 

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