Did Jesus travel India and study ?


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Let me deal with the question about the life of Jesus first. It is true that there are “sources” which claim that Jesus traveled outside the area of Israel. By far the most common claim is that he traveled to the Indian subcontinent and that he was influenced by Hinduism or Buddhism. It is easy to make such a claim, but what is required is evidence. I have seen not a shred of credible evidence that Jesus ever visited such places. That does not absolutely prove he never traveled there, but the lack of evidence is significant. The fact is that for whatever reason, the gospels tell us nothing about the life of Jesus from the time he was twelve until he was somewhere around thirty years old. One can speculate why God chose not to reveal anything about this time, but in the end this will only be speculation. Did Jesus travel to India? I suppose it is impossible to disprove this claim, but again, I have never seen a single piece of credible evidence that this is true. You should attempt to track down such claims and see what the primary source for the “information” is and I believe you will find that this is either idle speculation or some sort of local fable which only goes back a few generations, with no foundation in fact.  To summarize on the evidence, there is absolutely NO evidence, biblical or otherwise which supports the claim that Jesus visited India.

The fact is that common sense says that Jesus, a poor person, whose father probably died while he was a teen or perhaps in his twenties, did not have the opportunity or inclination to travel to India. Despite claims to the contrary, travel from the Western Mediteranian to the subcontinent of India was rare or non-existent at the time, although there is some evidence of indirect exposure of these cultures to one another.  The very small number who might have traveled to distant lands surely were merchants and there is no evidence that Jesus was a merchant. The bottom line is that Jesus is the greatest religious figure of all times and other religions want to borrow from Jesus to incorporate him into their religions. This is the source of these stories of Jesus going elsewhere.  Hindus or Buddhists want to hijack Jesus to make their beliefs more appealing.

Jesus did not travel to India.

John Oakes

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