I am now reading one of your books “Is There a God” [editor’s note:].  I wondered about this: do simple one-celled organisms contain DNA? (I have heard of Dr. Flew’s view that DNA is too complex for accidental origination.)


That is a simple question. All living things have DNA. Even the simplest living thing (excluding viruses which are debatable as living things and which cannot exist without using living things) has tens of millions of pieces of information stored in its DNA.  Nature never creates information spontaneously and the existence of tens of millions of pieces of information in even the simplest living organism argues very strongly against life arising through a natural process.  This is one of the strongest reasons to believe that there is a Creator, which is why it was finally able to convince Dr. Flew, who was formerly one of the two or three most famous atheists in the world before he reached this conclusion.

John Oakes

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