“I understand (and have read) your view of the old earth theory. I was
wondering how would you line up the old earth theory with Romans 5:12. It
seems that if death were already occurring prior to the fall of man (which
would be the case if the earth is billions of years old) than this would
violate this passage. What would you say?”

I would say that “death” in Romans 5 refers death in the human realm. (I
would also be wary of trying to tie this passage too closely to 8:22ff.)
Death must have been a part of God’s plan from the very beginning, insofar
as there are millions of microscopic organisms whose life and death is
integral to human physiological function. In addition, God had already
given the plants to man for food; botanical death was authorized before
the Fall.

Douglas Jacoby, PhD (www.douglasjacoby.com)

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