The Qur’an (or Koran), which actually mentions Jesus Christ far more than
it does Mohammed, teaches the Virgin Birth of Christ, as well as his
Second Coming, but not his crucifixion. (Muslim apologists call it ‘the
crucifiction.’) They consider Jesus to have been one of the greatest
prophets of all time, though Mohammed, according to all Muslims, is the
last and greatest prophet. Interestingly, Islam was developed nearly six
centuries after Christianity started. By this time, the church was
worshipping Mary and the saints, engaging in many corrupt practices, and
persecuting those it disagreed with. The ‘Christians’ Mohammed mentions in
the Qur’an were in all likelihood far, far from the Spirit of Christ.
Mohammed taught that Christians should obey the gospel (‘Injil,’ in
Arabic), which he obviously considered them not to be obeying. Muslims’
perception of Christians, whether false Christians or true, has naturally
been conditioned by their historical experience of and interactions with

Douglas Jacoby, PhD (

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