Dr. Robert Kurka gave a class at the 2015 ICEC designed to help us gain perspective on how to deal with a world in which there is a plurality of religions.  He argues that we should strongly approach the philosophy of religious pluralism (no religion has absolute truth) but that we should not be overly discouraged to live in a society in which many religions exist.  This has been normal in much of Christian history and we should think of it as an opportunity, not a disaster.  How, then, should we behave in a world in which we cannot assume that the Christian Worldview is not the predominant one?  We should be respectful, find common ground, and present with boldness the distinctiveness and advantage of the Christian explanation.   The audio will be available in about a week at www.ipibooks.com.  I am attaching the power point for the presentation.   Engaging the World in Conversation

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