Dear Dr. John Oakes,

This note is simply to express my heartfelt
thanks to you for making that incredible
teaching trip to Douala-Cameroon last month.
The truth is that disciples in Cameroon were
greatly impacted by the deeper insights in to
the Scriptures that came out of everything you
taught and shared. The young Church in
Bamenda where I’m based has been enjoying
great spiritual feeding through the teachings
I’ve had the privilege to share from your
book: From Shadow To Reality.
Every mid-week has become a time no disciple
wants to miss and even our language has
been deeply impacted as I hear disciples alluding
to the amazing insights even in daily

I’ve already embarked on the translation of
some articles from your website starting with
the one: The Problem of Pain and Suffering,
because I can relate to it given my past experience
with cancer. I look forward to staying
in contact with you to continue to benefit
from the wisdom that flows from your teaching
and walk in the Lord.

Once more thanks a million that you came!


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