I was wondering how one could prove that both chapters one and two of
Genesis were correct. Not knowing how to correlate these two chapters is
a serious impediment to sharing my faith with skeptical educated people.

I have already answered this question. To save you some work,
I will copy and past the previous question and answer:

I have heard that Genesis chapter one and Genesis chapter two are
contradictory stories of the creation, written by two different authors.
Is this true?

No and maybe.

No to the first question. Genesis chapter one is the story of the
creation of the universe and more specifically of the earth and the life
on the earth. Genesis chapter two is the story of the creation of Adam
and Eve. The second chapter of Genesis covers one small part of one of
the six “days” of creation. There is no irresolvable contradiction
between the two creation accounts. Many have claimed that there is, but
the supposed contradictions disappear if one simply starts the account of
the creation of Adam and Eve with Genesis 2:7 (remember that the chapters
in our Bibles are arbitrary divisions, not included in the original

As for the second question, that would require speculation. No
one knows who wrote Genesis. Although tradition holds that Moses wrote
Genesis, the evidence is that at most he may have been involved in putting
it in its final form, but almost certainly he was not the actual original
writer of the entire book. The historical content of Genesis bears signs
of authorship well before the time of Moses.

Many Bible scholars claim that the writing style of the first and
second chapters of Genesis are quite different, supporting the claim that
there were two separate authors. In answer to this, it can be said that
this is not an unreasonable explanation of the facts, but it remains
unproven. Either way, whether by two authors or one, there is no
contradiction between Genesis chapter one and chapter two.

Further discussion of this question is found in the article What About

John Oakes

Let me add just a bit to the answer I gave in the past. The
second creation account starts in Genesis 2:4. Many have said that this
passage contradicts Genesis chapter one. I have heard this dozens of
times. What I have never been shown is how they contradict. To
paraphrase Genesis two, starting in verse four; at one time there were no
land plants on the earth, but God caused the earth to be watered and
plants to grow. After this, God created Adam and put him in the garden he
had created for him. Again, I would ask the skeptic, “where is the
contradiction with Genesis chapter one in this account?” The rest of
Genesis chapter two provides quite a bit of detail about the creation of
Adam and Eve which is not contained in the extremely succinct account of
Genesis 1:26-30.

I would agree that the two accounts of the creation of man
have different details, but I do not agree that the details in the two
accounts contradict. It is my opinion that probably the two accounts were
written by two different authors. This opinion is based on the content
itself, but also on arguments based on the Hebrew language and stylistic
considerations. I cannot prove that there are two different authors. To
be honest, I am not sure why it would be important to the question of
inspiration whether there were two separate authors, but that is my
opinion based on the evidence.

So, until someone can point out to me specific details which
support the claim that these two creation accounts contradict, I will
continue to conclude that these claims are put forward by people who have
an agenda to disprove the Bible, but who are not necessarily willing to
look at the evidence.

John Oakes, PhD

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