Who was Susanna, martyr in Spain?

I am afraid you will have to give me more specific information
for me to answer this question. I did some research and the problem is
that with Roman Catholic history, there are literally thousands of
“saints.” There is the Susanna in Luke 8:3. I also found information
about a “saint” Susanna, daughter of Gabinus, who it is claimed was
martyred in Rome in around AD 295. In addition, I found some information
about a “saint” Susanna who was supposedly martyred in Eleutherapolis, in
Palestine in AD 362. I find mention of another Saint Susanna who was
martyred in AD 880. If you would like me to answer this question, I will
need you to give me a time frame for the Susanna you have in mind, or
perhaps some tidbit of information I can use to do my research. Please
send me more specific information. You can contact me directly at

John Oakes

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