How can there be a God if there is no proof? I know there is the Bible,
but we have no way of knowing it is real.

Several comments. First of all, there is overwhelming
evidence that God exists. I have written a book on the scientific
evidence for God. It is Is There a God? (click if you want to buy a
copy). There are dozens of articles at this web site which discuss the
reality of God as proven by the evidence of science. Go to the Articles
section and search on the word Design, which will bring you to dozens of
articles on the subject. Just as one example, consider the article
Evidence for Design.

To summarize extremely briefly, the existence of the universe,
the laws of nature and the existence of life all argue inescapably for the
existence of God. There is absolutely no way whatever to account for the
evident design in nature, the existence of the universe in the first
place, the laws of nature which allow for life or the existence of life
itself unless one allows for the “God hypothesis.” There is a God!!

Second, you mention the Bible, saying there is no way of
knowing it is real. I am not sure what you mean by this, as the Bible is
obviously real. Perhaps you are saying there is no way of knowing that
the Bible is truly inspired by the God who created the universe and life.
Again, the evidence proving that the Bible is indeed the work of
inspiration is absolutely overwhelming. To deny that the Bible is
inspired it to purposefully ignore the truth. Again, dozens of articles
at this web site support this belief. I have written an entire book on
the subject, which is “Reasons for Belief” (click if you want to find a
copy). My brand new book is filled from cover to cover with unambiguous
proof for the inspiration of the Bible. “From Shadow to Reality.” A
number of the articles which prove beyond reasonable doubt that the Bible
is inspired by God are found at this site, especially if you click, from
the home page, on Article then click on Bible (or click on Jesus). For
example, you could look at the article Messianic Prophecies, but there are
many many more for your personal study. As an extremely short summary,
the evidence in support of the Bible being from the creator, there is the
evidence from archaeology, from prophecies of the Messiah, from scientific
ideas in the Bible, from the evidence of the miracles of Jesus, and so

I hope that your study of these ideas will prove fruitful.

John Oakes, PhD

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