How do we know that Christianity is the right religion to be…Because
there are other religions that have a Bible and different gods…. So how
do we know Christianity is right?

This is an excellent question. I think that Christians often do
not take the time to ask this obvious question. This can leave us
unprepared to answer questions that will eventually come up, sometimes at
the most vulnerable times in our lives.

I would say that Douglas Jacoby has done a better job of answering
this question than I will ever be in his book “True and Reasonable” which
is available at Let me give you a short version of the
answer anyway, and you can get and read Douglas’ book at your leisure.

I would also suggest that you read a detailed outline on other
religions I have at my web site. This can give you a snapshot outline so
that you can understand the theology and scripture of the major world
religions. Click on OtherWorldReligions

One could approach your question by comparing the theology of
different religions and showing that Christianity is the “best” religion
because it involves a loving God, grace and so forth. To some extent, this
is begging the question. Even if Christianity was the most attractive
religion, that would not make it be truth. The bottom line is that you
should be a Christian because the Bible is God’s inspired word. All other
religions are false religions and their founders are false teachers
because the Bible is the one and only inspired word of God. The Koran is a
nice book, but it is not from God. The same could be said for the Vedas
and Sutras (scripture of Hinduism), the Ganth (Sikkhism) and so forth.

Let us look at how I know that the Bible is the Word of God. At
this point, what you really should do is pick up a copy of Reasons for
Belief: A Handbook of Christian Evidence which is my book on the subject,
available at, but since you do not have it, let me make a
couple of points and refer you to a couple of articles. I know that the
Bible is the inspired word of God because of fulfilled prophecy,
especially messianic prophecy. According to the Old Testament, the Messiah
had to be born in Bethlehem, be raised near Nazareth, be betrayed for
thirty pieces of silver, be killed in Jerusalem in about 33 AD, be
crucified, have his clothes gambled over, be pierced, and so forth…. All
of these amazingly specific prophecies came true, despite the fact that
many of most of them were outside Jesus’ control. The only explanation I
know of is that the Bible is inspired by God. You can read more about this
in the article MessianicProphecies.

Many many other proofs that the Bible is from God could be quoted.
The historical and archaeological accuracy of the Bible
HistoricalandArchaeoligicalevidence , scientific evidence which supports
the Bible ScientificEvidence, evidence for the miracles of Jesus and
especially the resurrection of Jesus TheResurrectionofJesus. Please do
some looking around. Do not accept easy answers. Consider carefully the
scriptures of other religions, even if it means finding them and reading
them for yourself. This is an excellent question. The answer is worth
putting some time into it. Please ask me more questions if you are not
finding the answers you need.

John Oakes, PhD

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