I know this is impossible to answer, but I have always been told that when
you die and go to Heaven, that you will get a new body, and there will be
no sorrow, hurts, wants,etc;………so my question is…Do you think that
our loved ones that are in Heaven can somehow see us, or hear us? If so,
and if it is true that they have no sorrows, can they see us hurting
inside? Do I make sense at all? I sometimes wonder if my Mom and Dad can
hear me or see me or know that I really miss them.

You are absolutely right. I cannot answer this question. Every
point you make about heaven is biblical. When we are resurrected, will
receive a new body ( 1 Corinthians 15:42-54). There will be no more pain
or tears (Revelation 21:3,4). Additionally, Paul describes what God has
in store for us as wonderful beyond our ability to even imagine (Eph
3:20). Most of the descriptions in Revelation 21 (golden streets, jewels,
etc.) are very awesome, but are clearly symbolic of an amazing place
beyond John’s ability to describe. Heaven will be an amazing and joyful
place. As far as whether you will know who your mom and dad were, whether
you will “see” or “hear” them (these words may not even apply in heaven).
I simply cannot say, as the Bible does not answer that question. I only
know that heaven will be wonderful and amazing beyond anything you can
imagine, even beyond the love and comfort you feel from your earthly

John Oakes

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