Can you speak on ancient Kemetic religion versus Christianity?  Is there any connection between the two?  Was one inspired by the other?


I do not know very much about the Kemetic religion.  Apparently, it is a modern phenomenon.  There is no evidence of Kemetism before the 1970s.  I already said that I do not know much about this religion, but the best I can tell it is a flavor of what is known generically as New Age religion.  It is a kind of New Age religion which is particularly friendly to African Americans as it takes on elements of Egyptian paganism.  The word is taken from an ancient name for Egypt, but there is relatively little connection of Kemetism with the actual native religions of ancient Egypt.

It is true that there is a small fringe group which publishes on the internet making claims that Christianity was stolen from Egypt/Kemet.  I invite you to look at this material, but it is a model of incredibly bad scholarship.  In one website I read, they claimed that Hinduism, Confucianism, all Greek religions, as well as Zoroastrianism and Islam were stolen from Egypt.  They claim that barbarian Europeans stole their knowledge from Egypt.  There are strong racial overtones in this material.

They produce a list of supposed parallel teachings in Christianity and in Egyptian religion which proves nothing.  For example they claim that the Christian teaching of the trinity was stolen from Egyptian religion, with its Osiris, Horus and Ra.  No scholar would give this outrageous claim any credence at all.

The answer to your question is that the claim that Christianity was created from Kemetism is that there is not a shred of evidence to support this claim.  Christianity did not arise from ancient polytheistic Egyptian belief.  It emerged from monotheistic Judaism, not from Egyptian polytheism.

John Oakes

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