I came across a book about what happen to you after you die by Dr.Douglas
Jacoby. I was thinking about getting this book but I was just thinking
that based on what is already written, is there more information on this
subject .

Thanks for your question regarding a long neglected teaching! In addition
to Doug’s audio series (not a book) What Happens After We Die, there is a
great book on the same subject called AfterLife: A Glimpse of Eternity
Beyond Death’s Door by F. Lagard Smith. You can also read other material
from Scroll Publishing ( They specialized in
material that deal with the early Christian literature and beliefs. For
instance if you read the Dictionary of Early Beliefs by David Bercot and
listen to his audio teaching called, Life After Death it will be very
helpful on your research. There are also sets on the Ante-Nicene Fathers
that will be great to read. Finally, once you purchase Doug’s audio series
take notes and study each scripture he references on your own, and of
course you can always ask us questions on the subject as well. Good luck!

Kedron Jones


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