I have been developing a theory or a concept for living according to God’s
plan for mankind. Please tell me where there are flaws in my concept. God
created man and all other creation according to his will and pleasure. He
differentiated man to be in his own “image,” which I think should read as
“god’s imagination” with free will choice. This follows the nature of God,
which is again free will choice. God wants man to live according to two
guiding principles and try to reach the levels of imagination set apart
for each man. 1. Love your God 2. Love your neighbor as yourself.
If any man follows these two principles sincerely in his heart, then he is
right with God. Here again only God who sees people’s heart can be a judge
of man’s sincerity in following these basic principles. If we adot this
stand, then the following cannot stand: 1. Church as a group or body or
any religious group 2. Evangelizing by preaching; people should change
their hearts by seeing the living examples of others who follow the two
principles. 3. No offerings or monetary giving required. If people are
moved within their hearts, then they will use the money to love their
neighbors. 4. No heirarchial management – everybody is equal in the eyes
of god 5. No casting judgement on anything – it is god’s job 6. No
following any man made “scriptures.” What do you think such a concept?


This description makes perfect sense according to human wisdom. I will
have to admit that these concepts are appealing to me as a fellow human.
I see no obvious flaws in your reasoning and the ethics you describe. The
problem with this is that there is a God. God is real. God has revealed
his will for us. Our own human wisdom cannot trump the wisdom of God.
Let me quote from 1 Corinthians 1:18f.

For to those who are perishing the message of the cross is foolishness,
but to us who are being saved it is God’s power. For it is written: “I
will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and I will set aside the
understanding of the experts.” Where is the philosopher? Where is the
scholar? Where is the debater of this age? Hasn’t God made the world’s
wisdom foolish? For since, in God’s wisdom, the world did not know God
through wisdom. God was pleased to save those who believe through the
foolishness of the message preached.

I may not find it logical, but according to God, my creator, there is a
problem of sin. Bottom line, the description you give above does not
solve the problem of sin. This problem creates a separation between man
and God. This separation is only removed through the death of
Jesus–through the blood of Jesus shed on the cross. Only through our
faith in Jesus and love for God do we find ourselves reconciled to God.
This is the message of the cross. Perhaps it is not “logical” by human
wisdom, but it is true.

Now, you may not yet have accepted this message. I completely understand
this. I will challenge you to consider the evidence for the resurrection
of Jesus, for his miracles, for the fulfillment of Old Testament
prophecies of the Messiah. I believe that God has proven that this
wonderful message of salvation is given by him and that the Bible is his
inspired word to us.

I respect your attempts to understand things by your own insight, but I
challenge you that there is a greater wisdom, which is the wisdom of God.
To quote 1 Corinthians 1:22f:

For the Jews ask for signs and the Greeks seek wisdom, but we preach
Christ crucified, a stumbling block to the Jews and foolishness to the
Gentiles. Yet to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ is
God’s power and God’s wisdom, because God’s foolishness is wiser than
human wisdom and God’s weakness is greater than human strength.

I pray that you will agree that God’s wisdom and strength are greater than
ours and that you will accept the message of the cross of Christ.

Thanks for your question.

John Oakes, PhD

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