I heard in a recent lesson you gave that even in quantum theory and
relativity God has left his finger prints. Can you elaborate and
illuminate on this?


Quantum mechanics tells us that the simple mechanical view of the universe
of Newton and LaPlace is not correct. Quantum mechanics tells us that
light is both a wave and a particle and that classical particles act like
waves. This dual particle/wave nature is the essential property of the
universe which gives elements and compounds all their properties. It is
the source of all colors and the interaction between light and matter.
Quantum mechanics is the means by which matter and light can interact.
Without it life is not possible. It is quantum mechanics which allows
energy produced in the sun to be transmitted to and absorbed by life in
the earth.

Similarly, relativity is essential to life. A universe without relativity
is a universe in which matter cannot be turned into energy and energy
cannot be turned into matter. Without these properties, the original
burst of energy at the begining of time (known as the big bang) would not
have produced matter and matter in the sun could not produce energy
through a process known as fusion.

Quantum mechanics and relativity, then, are the principles in the universe
which allow for matter and energy to interconvert without which the
physical universe and matter itself would not exist and without which the
energy for life could not be created or absorbed. The amazing “balance”
between the apparent classical nature of the universe which is observed on
the level of human perception and the underlying quantum nature which
sustains is one of the mysteries and beauties of creation which came from
God and which God gave us the ability to discover.

John Oakes, PhD

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