Do you believe that God uses Satan’s evil to bring us closer to following


I believe that everything which happens is either caused by God or allowed
by God. God does not use evil. God does not do evil. God is willing
that the evil done by those who do not love him produce a good result for
those who do love him. I guess my answer to your question is yes, but I
would not put it that way. Your statement could be taken to say that God
causes evil so that good may result. I do not agree with this statement.
God, knowing all things, including knowing that some will rebel and sin
against him, is willing to use these circumstances to bring about good.
God used the sin of the brothers of Joseph to bring about the salvation of
Israel. God used the pride and stubbornness of Pharaoh to bring about a
wonderful salvation of his people which provided a foreshadow of our
salvation in Jesus (see From Shadow to Reality chapter
one). God used the evil intent of Satan in tempting Job to bring about
his own glory. Many examples can be mentioned from the Bible. I assume
that God works is ways similar to this today. God is willing to use the
shock in a person’s life when a evil person does something to hurt them in
order to wake up that person; causing them to turn to Him.

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