If God loves us so much as to die for us, why does he even let us die in the first place(the first death I mean)?


Of course, to us, physical death is tragic, as we lose those we love. However, to God, physical death is not tragic at all. For those who love him, it is a transition which leads us back into an intimate relationship with him in heaven. To God, this is a cause for celebration, not for sorrow. To God, what is tragic is not physical death. The tragedy to God is our sin and our separation from him because of our sin. Physical death is not tragic to God, but a life of sin, lived in unfulfilling separation from God is tragic, and a soul sent to hell is even more tragic. That is why he let his Son Jesus be killed, so that the real tragedy does not have to happen. The death of Jesus did not prevent our physical death, but it does prevent spiritual death.

John Oakes

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